Effective Chargeback and Fraud Reduction with Higher Approval Rates


Machine learning

Securita brings new opportunities in combating Fraud by analyzing more than 100 parameters and transaction attributes per each transaction.


User analysis / identification

Securita’s User identity analysis detects the genuine user and distinguish from different kinds of malware and sophisticated bots.


Behavior analysis

Is one of the key elements in Securita fraud prevention platform. Customers’ shopping habits and various actions on web page reveal the unique behavior, which is carefully analysed. The authentic customers will be recognized from those using the stolen information.


Assigned Fraud analyst

Securita is not only a software. It is a complex solution with individual model for each customer. One of our Fraud analysts is assigned to the customer and assist with any request.


Protection against malware

Securita detect and prevent any suspicious activities from bots, botnets and other scripted malware.


Ongoing development

To detect and prevent Chargebacks and Fraud effectively we use up-to-date researches, expertise and technologies in Securita. We are ready to face any new threat to allow your e-commerce safe growth.

Our Experience

Fraud declines more than 10 times

We used to have fraud ratios above 3%. Finding a solid acquirer with reasonable pricing was a problem for us.


Within first month of activity the Fraud ratios dropped more than 10 times to 0.2%. After over a year of use the ratios are still the same.

Conversion gain and fraud decreased

Working in Travel industry our company faces a challenge to keep the customers through all transaction process. 20% of our customers dropped their orders during additional check process.


Allowed to improve Fraud ratios, at the same time customer drop-outs decreased till 5%.

Optimal traffic share between acquirers

Our company has got worthy sales volumes and we have several acquirers handling card processing. Some of them accept high chargeback rates, some not. It was difficult for us to split the potential chargeback transactions from low risk transactions.


We totally splitted our traffic in couple of month. Both acquirers got what they wanted. We are happy to be reliable partner for our acquirers.

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